Ask the “mamasan” in any massage parlor, and she’ll tell you—the industry’s hottest trend is couples massage!

“We see more and more couples coming in for adult massages, having fun together,” reports May Lee, a longtime Montreal-based massage therapist and parlor manager. “Every day, we have new clients who are husband and wife, or dating couples. They say erotic massage keeps their romantic relationship exciting!”

A Lady’s Touch
Not so long ago, massage parlors catered to a strictly male clientele, and—for the most part—erotic massage remains a “male-oriented service industry.”

But, thanks to the rising popularity of couples massage, many modern massage parlors have benefited from a woman’s touch, transforming from dingy, no-frills facilities, to luxury establishments that rival high-end day spas in terms of cleanliness, options, and amenities.

Erotic massage focuses on whole body stimulation. It often begins with a relaxing shower (or table shower) before moving to a massage table. A quality masseuse works the stress and tension out of your back, shoulders, and legs—and the erotic experience only gets more intense from there!

Two At A Time
Many erotic massage parlors advertise specifically for couples, and the massage therapists at these locations have experience making your couples massage the most pleasurable massage possible!

Most massage parlors use a variety of techniques, including Swedish massage, deep tissue, Nuru, shiatsu, aromatherapy, and acupressure.

A couples tantric massage is a popular way for couples to heighten their sexual awareness, both personally and for each other. Some spas offer two masseuses for couples, so that each partner can have an identical erotic massage experience.

Just For Her
Certain types of erotic massage focus solely on women. Yoni Massage teaches the erotic stimulation of the female erogenous zones. Practitioners of yoni massage claim it not only heightens sexual awareness and pleasure, but also increases self-confidence and has helped some women cope with trauma.

Orgasm meditation finds a Zen oneness in the massage and exploration of female private parts. Targeted at today’s “tired and wired” woman, OM’s special “stroking technique” promises both sexual and mental health benefits for all adult women.

Both of these “ladies-only” massage styles are gaining mass appeal, with proponents pointing out that these “modern-day” health and wellness techniques have been practiced for thousands of years in Eastern Cultures.

Massage Time Is Your Time
Adult massages are an indulgent pleasure. Go ahead—treat yourself! Get in touch with your own sexual awareness by allowing an attractive and knowledgeable masseuse to get in touch with you! More information can be found by visiting Allure Health Studio.

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