If you have lost your job, you may be wondering how you will keep up with your household expenses. Depending on how long you are out of work, you could face eviction from your apartment or foreclosure on your home. Fortunately, there are quick cash loans options available to help keep you financially afloat until you get back to work.

Borrow Against the Equity in Your Home

A home equity loan or line of credit allows you to use the equity in your home to help you pay your bills today. The loan is generally repaid over a period of 10 years, and that time frame can be adjusted depending on your needs or the terms offered by a lender. You may be able to get approval for the loan and access to your cash within days, which makes among the best fast cash loans options for those with good credit.

Apply For a Personal Loan

A personal loan may among the best cash loans online options available. Personal loans can come either secured or unsecured, and they have fixed repayment periods and interest rates. Unlike payday loans, a personal loan is considered to be a traditional form of lending that is offered by reputable banks and lenders nationwide. Interest rates can be as low as 5 percent or less depending on your credit or if you decide to offer collateral to secure the loan. Depending on your financial situation, you may decide to borrow enough to cover both your bills and other incidental expenses that may arise while searching for a job.

Sell Some of Your Belongings

If you are need of quick cash, it may be a good idea to finally have that garage sale that you have been planning for months or years. That old couch, treadmill or auto parts collection could fetch enough money to pay your bills for a couple of weeks or at least earn enough to buy food for yourself and the kids. It could also be a good way to downsize before moving to a new place if you don’t think that you will find another job in the near future.

Think About Freelance Work

There are a wealth of freelance jobs available on the internet. If you have experience writing or designing websites, it may be a good way to earn some extra cash until you find steady work. In some cases, it could be the beginning of a new career.

Unemployment doesn’t have to put you in a perilous financial situation. Borrowing against your home, selling your belongings or working as a freelancer are all great ways to gain quick access to the cash you need to pay your bills. You can learn more by visiting www.lendgreen.

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