Some of the earliest human records contain depictions of flowers. People have always been fascinated with their splendid colors and scents. Flowers have found their way into every aspect of life; including medicine, art, literature, and romance. The Victorians had a whole code dedicated to the meanings of different flowers and their colors.

Flowers adorn everything from fashion to home décor. One of the most popular gifts for the holidays is fresh floral bouquets. Thanks to florist shops, people can give lovely blooms anytime of the year. These are some of the ways that people use flowers the most:


Flower shop owners will confess that they are the busiest during the holidays. With flower delivery, people can send floral gifts to anyone across the country. According to statistics, Mother’s Day ranks as the top holiday for flowers, with Valentine’s Day a close second. Roses are still a perennial choice for gifting bouquets. There are a plethora of flower types from which to choose. Flowers add a special touch to any occasion.


What would a wedding be without all the floral decorations? Since ancient times, flowers have represented the magic of love, unity, and fertility. Each floral grouping in a wedding has a special significance, from the bridal bouquet to the groom’s boutonniere. The bride’s favorite color combinations are also echoed in the wedding flowers. Florists have the training and experience to prepare the perfect flower arrangements for weddings.


Flowers have a long tradition of being part of funeral services. Just about every culture has their own take on funeral sprays and wreaths. These pretty blossoms are a symbol of everlasting life, and can be comforting to bereaved family members. Most flower shops offer the convenience of flower delivery right to the funeral home. During these difficult times, florists must know how to serve their customers with empathy. Many people buy flowers throughout the year to decorate their loved ones’ graves.

Thinking of You

There is really no wrong time to give flowers. It does not have to be a special occasion. When people receive a thoughtful bouquet, they know that someone is thinking about them. Flowers boost the spirits of those who are sick in the hospital. They also can thank someone for a considerate favor, or for doing a great job. The cheerful splash of color and intoxicating scent of a bouquet delivered from the florist can make someone’s day. There are online resources available at King West Flowers, which may provide you with more information.

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